One of the important applications of 3D printing is the 3D-printing of bone fractures so that surgeons can make sure severe orthopaedic trauma surgeries are successful the first time round.

Bone fracturing a bone is an incredibly painful experience, and while bones are able to mend themselves, if they are not able to be set correctly due to the nature of the fracture, the bone will heal incorrectly and cause the patient chronic pain.

Using a 3D printer to print out replicas of difficult bone fractures, the surgeons are able to rehearse surgeries in advance, for patients with serious and articular fractures and also remove previously inoperable tumours.


In the below sample, 3D printing has been used for a patient that has not been able to walk unaided. Using a scan of the patient's knee, 3D replacement joint is made through 3D printing method.

3D printing makes it possible to perform surgeries more quickly and means that more people will be able to benefit from it.